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The main advantage of issuing your invoices and receipts with your legal practice management software is the connection your invoice has with the work logged in each case. So by easily creating your invoice and connecting the tasks logged in each case Zygos automatically marks those tasks as billed. All the abovementioned features can also be used in Zygos’ Notes of Fees or Orders which can be issued and monitored using Zygos Billing module.


Zygos can issue invoices for different legal entities you might operate under your firm’s umbrella providing you with a single place to manage every open invoice with every receipt managed by different companies in different currencies.

Invoice branding

Upload your own logo, address details, even bank accounts your clients have to remit the total invoice amount to and present a more professional image to the whole.

Client Money management

Holding money in escrow? Zygos has you covered with its client money management module which keeps track of all your incoming transactions and all your obligations to third parties such as property sellers, government agencies or third parties.

Court Decisions amount management

Court decisions along with all their parameters regarding repayment and appropriate interests are managed separately so your accounting department can have a clear view of each case owed money and to whom this money should be paid to and when.

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