Generate invoices by logging a case’s work, manage your clients’ money with accuracy and get valuable information through many reports and stats


Easily “drag & drop” all the work carried out in a case, inside your invoice, thus dividing your work into billed and not billed yet which allows you to know in an instance how much work is still in progress. Zygos will follow the invoice and receipts numbering you follow today and will let you customize the look and feel of your invoice by uploading your logo and details.

Client Money and Decision Money

Managing client’s money and want to record and follow their flow in the right order? With this feature Zygos will allow you to always be updated with all the transactions carried out concerning client’s money. You can also manage payments carried out after a decision has been judged with automatic updates inside each case.

Case and Client Financials

Direct monitoring of a case and the profitability of a particular type of case. Easy finding the financials of a particular debtor with ability to produce many types of reports and valuable information concerning the company as a whole or an individual.

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