Time tracking

Easily measure time, store in each project and never miss a billable

Live timer

Real time timer helps you log the time spend in a certain project in real time so you don’t have to leave what you’re doing in order to start one. Also you can run multiple timers by pausing each one. Also don’t worry about leaving your PC or office, Zygos keeps logging the time and lets you finish the timer when you get back to your desk.

Custom time entry types

Create your own custom time entry types such as phone calls, legal research or typing. This can help you connect this time entries with certain tasks so you can have a clear view, down to the task level, of how much time has been spent for this task and who spent it.

Perssonel rate per hour

In your firm’s settings you can declare an hourly rate by which each lawyer charges on each case. This can help while issuing an invoice to have a complete view of what was logged and how much does should be billed.

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