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Complete Profile

With Zygos’ unlimited fields you can log as many contact details as you like, clearly indicating Skype addresses from email addresses and mobile phones from identity card numbers. You also have a clear view of your contact’s financial position with a printable statement of account which includes issued invoices and orders as well. Finally all the cases and documents are automatically linked with each contact so you have a complete profile for each one.

Custom Fields

You can create your own set of fields for each contact and these fields can hold any type of information, from dates, to yes/no answers, simple texts and choice from pre-existing menus. This way you can create custom field types to hold whichever information is relevant to your practice.


Create a powerful tree structure inside your contact list connecting companies to contact persons, clients with cases, or even contacts with their spouses, children and so forth. Using this powerful mechanism you can always know exactly where each person came from and who it connects to.


Organize your contact list with tags which can be used to create specific contact groups such as VIPs or other. Use this tags to find the responding contacts and export the list for sending an SMS or mass client marketing email.

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