Matter management

Court matters in a customized, notifications-able and firm-oriented way.

Involved parties

Log all the parties involved in the legal matter and easily jump to their contact details. You can also start several proceedings inside each matter with all, or a number of those involved parties. Assign an opponent lawyer to each involved party and instantly have their contact details in your diary, know all the correspondence between you and them and plan your moves accordingly.

Assigned Personnel

Each case can be assigned to different members of the firm, each assigned with a different role, being a Case Leader or Paralegal. Each case member gets notified when something is due for a particular case and can assign tasks to other members of the case as well.


Custom matter types, court names, numbers and important details all come with predefined fields to fill in, but are also available for customization so they can suit your jurisdiction and type of practice. Fees for each case and actual expenses assigned to each task are automatically calculated by just registering the scale each proceeding giving you a clear indication of what your firm has to pay according to the court type or jurisdiction.

Automatic notifications

Zygos workflow mechanism comes with predetermined automatic notifications depending on the different matter type you have. All this notifications can be customized in order to suit a particular matter flow and deadlines so you never miss a procedural rule ever again.

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