Predefined tasks, personal todo lists and fully customizable workflow mechanism.

Custom & Predefined Tasks

Zygos includes many predefined tasks and expenses which can be used as templates to track progress on a case. The real beauty though lies in the ability to create your own tasks so you can represent all the steps carried out as per your needs.

Custom workflow

Zygos comes with pre-coded workflows which essentially are sets of tasks, each one triggering different actions such as todos, calendar events and notifications for other members of the firm so they can take action. You can even create your own workflows which can be used to represent processes you manually follow inside your firm today so you can always keep track of what needs to be done next and who is assigned to it.

Personal todo list

Each user has his/her own todo list which can be customized to easily manage their tasks. Tasks can be assigned from other users, automatically assigned by Zygos or even assign tasks which have nothing to do with a case or a project.

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